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cookwithdrea's Journal

Andrea's Kitchen
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A collection of recipes from myself, family, and even a few of my favorite celebrity chefs' creations. I've also included basic cooking tips to help get your own kitchen stocked with the proper tools and pantry items so you will be fully prepared to try out some of these recipes or create your very own!

You may see a trend - I LOVE pasta (I'm Italian, hello??) so I have quite a few dishes where pasta is the star ingredient. I am also a huge fan of garlic, olive oil, and hot pepper so they are pretty much staples in most dishes. I also make no apologies for taking a little help from the grocery store now and again.

I am all about clean eating and always try to make these recipes as healthy as possible, using the freshest and most wholesome ingredients, however, there are some that are not as figure-friendly and "all-natural" but those should be used in moderation, just like everything else.

And as much as I hate to include this disclaimer, it is a necessary evil:

Please be respectful of each other when posting and make sure all posts are relevant to the topics at hand. Anyone who posts inappropriate content or engages in the bashing of posts or other members will be immediately banned, no questions asked.

Thank you!